Tanvi Dhurandhar

thought transformer

Simran Dhurandhar

marketing Maestro

welcome to our crown galaxy.

We are sisters born with radically different hair. One has bouncy, voluminous curls and the other has  sleek, silky-straight hair.

Our childhood and teenage haircare consisted of completely different routines and even our way of taking care of our respective hair was different. All the while, we never ceased to get compliments for both our hair types. Trying new hair products was always a delight and we finally started to understand what worked and what didn’t. A lot of our routine involved ingredients available at home which didn’t exist in the haircare products that we used and that’s when we thought that, "We should make for you what we know best".


It was exciting to create hair products that had an outstanding fusion between our knowledge of home ingredients and ingredients recommended by the industry experts. SIMRASA Luxuries is about creating products for all your hair types, it’s about YOU owning your hair and YOU basking in all its crowning glory. When it comes to hair, we’ve got your back! (Oh, we mean your crown)!


- Always 'The-Hair’ For You,

Tanvi & Simran Dhurandhar

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We launched in February 2020 and a few weeks later Covid-19 struck. It changed our world, the economy, the livelihoods of many. It also had a massive impact on our sales forecasts and strategies. As a female-founded company this was a heavy hit to our newly founded brand and we struggled to make our products reach you for the first few months after the launch. Our sales & promotions came to a halt just as the rest of the world. 

However, the buzz about Simrasa started spreading and all of you, our treasured Simrasa family members; old & new came out to support us and buy our products. We'd like to thank you with our hearts full of gratitude for all the support and the love you have showered on us.

You made our small-business journey happier and easier and we'd love to help all you female entrepreneurs in any way we can. For any business-related questions or help, feel free to drop us an e-mail and we'll try our best to help you and give back in any way possible.

Here's to growing with each other! Onwards & upwards!