Frequently asked questions


Where is SIMRASA made?

Every SIMRASA product is made from the finest quality locally sourced ingredients. We are proud to be a product created, formulated and made in India.

What do SIMRASA products smell like?

All SIMRASA products are made using the scent of natural ingredients and carefully selected, gender- neutral fragrances with sensual woody and musky notes as well as delicious fruit notes. Some of our favourite aromas are the sensual notes of Passion Fruit, Musk, Woods, Fresia, Berries, Vanilla...

Are SIMRASA products all-natural?

SIMRASA uses FDA approved ingredients. We noticed that using a small number of clinical ingredients is essential to maintain the performance and stability of our hair products. However, they are all tested and approved and totally safe. We test all the products on ourselves first before giving them to you.

Does SIMRASA offer samples?

SIMRASA does not offer samples online, but you can visit us at our pop-up stalls at the next exhibition and try the products.

Does SIMRASA use SLS or Parabens?

SIMRASA is SLS free and Parabens free. We believe in protecting hair and the environment.

Does SIMRASA test on animals?

SIMRASA is a cruelty-free brand. We think animals are only for cuddles & not for testing our products on.

Can SIMRASA be applied on coloured hair?

SIMRASA products are safe to be applied on coloured hair or chemically treated hair.

Is SIMRASA packaging sustainable and re-usable?

Saving & protecting the environment is our top priority. All of SIMRASA packaging is made of sustainable material. All SIMRASA bottles are re-usable. Please visit our instagram page for tips to reuse your SIMRASA bottles.


How do I contact for collaborations/partnerships or reviewing the products?

Please drop us an e-mail on if you are a content creator or a company looking to collaborate with us.

How do I join the SIMRASA team?

E-mail us your résumé on and we will get back to you when there is a suitable opening.

Who do I contact to stock SIMRASA in my salon/store?

If you are a retailer, distributor, stockist, please send in your details on and someone from our team will get back to you.