the SIMRASA hair wrap

INR 599
*(price including 5% GST)

The SIMRASA hair wrap is specially created using a plant-based blend of the softest cotton that hugs your damp or wet hair with love and dries it without causing any damage unlike other regular towels.

Regular towels are harsh on wet hair and cause split-ends, frizz, dryness and reduce overall hair health.


We have researched and picked the best blend of plant-based & ecological materials that are super gentle on your hair and do not cause breakage and split ends like regular towels do. 

Unlike plastic-based microfibre hair towels sold in the market, our  hair wrap contains no plastic, is plant-based, ecological & bio-degradable. 

Use it instead of your regular towel after your hair wash or as a protective wrap after you've put in a hair mask or to bed so your hair stays in place and isn't exposed to frizz-causing friction.


Throw it in your tote and take it to the beach or to a pool party to protect and dry your hair.

Protect the planet whilst protecting your hair.

Doesn't that make you feel like an ecological super-hero?

That's exactly what we thought!

Product Features:

  • Material - Cotton blend.

  • Loop design with button for fastening.

  • Machine wash or hand wash.

  • Suitable for adults and children.



1. place         2. twist          3. loop

Step 1. Gently squeeze the water from your hair and lean forward so your hair gently falls over your head.

Step 2. Place the hair wrap at the nape of the your neck or above your forehead, twist as needed for a snug fit. Flip the twist back & fasten the loop around the button.

Step 3. Leave the SIMRASA Hair Wrap on until hair feels damp instead of wet.

the backward wrap


the forward wrap




Wrap your hair in the shower/ bath to protect it from steam and humidity. This prevents your hair from getting frizzy.

Apply a homemade hair mask  mixed with a few drops of our nourishing hair gloss. Then wrap your hair to seal in the goodness of the ingredients whilst you relax or read your favourite book.


Wrap your hair when you go to bed or whilst you take a nap to prevent your hair strands from getting damaged & frizzy by rubbing against the pillow or bed fabric. The SIMRASA hair wrap also makes a great bonnet for our curly-haired fam!

Tell us how you use your SIMRASA hair wrap and we can add that to this list! Happy wrapping!

Pink Bath Tub


Your SIMRASA Hair Wrap is an investment in your hair's overall health. While it takes care of your hair, make sure you take care of it the right way too.


Caring for your SIMRASA Hair Wrap :

  • Hang-dry your SIMRASA Hair Wrap immediately after each use.

  • Wash before first use. Machine wash on gentle cycle using a minimal amount of detergent OR hand wash after soaking in mild detergent.

  • Do not use hard brushes on the fabric. 

  • Dry straight after washing.

  • Do not wring the fabric otherwise it may cause stretching.

  • Do not scrub the embroidered portion.