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Cleanse & Condition Set

Cleanse & Condition Set

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Your go-to travel friendly, SLS, Parabens & Sulfate free haircare set that makes your hair look and feel smooth, frizz-free and soft, all day long. Cleanse your scalp with the Simrasa Cleanser, Enriched with oils of vanilla & cinnamon, that are known to strengthen & protect your hair. Indulge yourself with this luxuriously delectable hair wash that will leave your hair scented like a spiced vanilla Crème Brulée with a drizzle of warm caramel. After cleansing, use our fluffy, lightweight conditioner which is specially formulated to hydrate & soften your hair. It adds a delicious burst of moisture to strands to make them manageable & easy to detangle. It is the perfect whipped cream topping to lock the moisture into your locks.

Size: 180 gms each

Best before: 12/24


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