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Shine & Refresh Set (Night)

Shine & Refresh Set (Night)

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A travel friendly combo of our two bestselling products- The nourishing hair gloss and Hairloom Soir - a luxury hair perfume. The Nourishing Hair Gloss is a weightless blend of four nourishing exotic oils that give your hair a lustrous gloss. It can be used in multiple ways to add shine, infuse moisture in your hair strands and tame frizz. followed by SIMRASA Luxuries’ Hairloom, a signature hair perfume with a carefully selected blend of soft and refreshing notes that delicately perfume hair so you can leave your trail behind everywhere you go. This evening fragrance has alluring notes of Citrus, earthy Patchouli & spicy pepperwood. This intriguing combination develops into a heady scent that mixes beautifully with the natural perfume of your hair.


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